4 Absolutely Wowing Japanese Nail Art Designs

Japanese nail art design is a trend that increases its popularity every year. It’s a favorite of salon customers and plays a major role in trend-setting fashion. Here are a few designs directly from Japan that are absolutely head-turning.

The Jedi Nail Artist

Instagram: @i_am_noriko

This jedi of a nail artist has created amazing details here. You see a glowing light saber, the bumps on Yoda’s 3D forehead, and even the greying hair strands in Obiwan’s beard. For all this stunning work, Noriko, may the force always be with you.

Made to Eat

Instagram: @mahoganisutan

After this sight, you must be hungry. Just look at the texture of the icing. The spiral grooves this nail artist creates perfectly mirrors that of a cake’s. And the donuts—a spectacular illusion detailed with chocolate layering and sprinkles.

Hungry for Gel M&Ms?

Instagram: @kaorin47

 These delicious M&Ms are created with gel nails and we can see each M&M piece layered precisely on top of each other to make a candy huddle. Absolutely stunning!

Springtime Blossom

Tamoka Reese/ Instagram: @mokareese

Flowers in bloom are a trendy theme this time of year. This nail artist shows the delicate texture of flower petals with her 3D art. Seeming to blowing in the breeze, these flowers are attached to leaves on which no detail is overlooked either.

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