7 Must-Have Products for Acrylic Nail Designs

The popularity of nail art just keeps growing, with designs for both natural and acrylic nails a sought-after service in salons. From nail stickers to 3D nail art to glitters in a variety of colors, the possibilities are endless.

And as a salon owner or technician, you already know that having the right products for acrylic nail application is half the battle. Having acrylic nail design supplies you can rely on ensures a beautiful result, as well as a happy customer.

Without a solid foundation though, your nail designs can’t shine. From acrylic nail powders to shaping tools to nail brushes, find out which products will give you the best canvas for your creative designs for acrylic nails.

Choosing the Right Tools for Acrylic Nail Design

1. 3D Color Acrylic Nail Powders – For stunning nail art, choose acrylic nail powders that will ensure a smooth application, with no yellowing or bubbling for color clarity and color accuracy. From a variety of soft pastels to deep, edgy blacks and purples, you’ll find the perfect shades for your clients’ acrylic nails.

2. Acrylic Nail Tool – Create the perfect C curve every time with this shaping tool. A natural-looking curve is the key to acrylic nails that don’t look “fake,” and it provides the perfect canvas for any number of nail art designs.

3. Acrylic Nail Forms – Quickly and easily apply these sculpting forms to create not only beautiful nails, but save time while doing so. These forms feature stronger adhesive for the perfect application of 3D nail designs.

4. Acrylic Nail Brushes – The brush you use to apply acrylic nail product is just as important as the products themselves. Choose a quality brush to ensure consistent application, and don’t forget to keep them in top condition with nail brush cleaner.

5. Acrylic Nail Liquids – Produce the results you need for stunning acrylic nail art design by choosing the right liquid. Look for products that will ensure self-leveling, quicker setting and no lifting.

6. Acrylic Powder – This is truly the foundation for your nail art designs, so be sure you choose powders that offer consistency, strength, retention, excellent color clarity and non-yellowing properties. Create basic nail designs, such as flawless pink and whites, or more intricate works of art with effective acrylic powder.

7. Acrylic Primer Prep – For the best acrylic nail result, don’t skip this step! Prepping the natural nail surface with acrylic nail primer ensures the best bond with your acrylic product application. No matter how beautiful your nail art design, your customer won’t be happy if lifting occurs.

By selecting the right products, you can be sure to create long-lasting, creative nail designs your customers will love—and keep coming back for again and again. Check out all our acrylic nail supplies today.