Top 7 Natural Ingredients to Incorporate into Your Services

The new movement? Using all natural beauty products! Mother Nature had the right idea everyone!

You’ve probably already come into contact with customers who want an all natural beauty treatment but do you have the products to satisfy them? Well, why go out and by extra beauty supplies when you have plenty of ingredients already at your salon or at your house! Using natural beauty products is a frugal way to incorporate natural ingredients into your services. Sometimes, the most natural of beauty products are the most effective!
1. Real Lemon Juice
A little citrus can make a huge difference! Take a fresh lemon and squeeze it into a bowl. Remember, keep this in a fridge to preserve it since it contains fresh lemons. Use some fresh lemons in your hand cream, cuticle treatment and after using polish remover. Lemons are naturally a detoxifier and soothing to the skin. Plus, it smells great!
2. Oh, Honey
Adding a bit of honey to your cuticle oil or cuticle cream is a sweet way to replenish the cuticles and hydrate the skin. Let the honey soak into the hands and cuticles and have them rinse. Melting natural beeswax mixed with honey is another great balm-like substance for hands and cuticles.
3. Oatmeal Isn’t Just for Breakfast

Oatmeal cream or oatmeal milk isn’t just perfect for your cuticles but also for your feet and hands! Mix up some rolled oats, honey and plain yogurt and you’ve got a perfect exfoliating cream for cuticles, hands and feet. It doesn’t get much more hydrating than that! Sounds yummy too right? Add a dash of cinnamon to heighten the senses! Apply and leave on for 15-20 minutes, rinse and your clients won’t believe how soft their skin is!
4. Mint Tea Bags

Tea bags have been shown to be an all natural way to refresh and awaken skin. Try stewing mint tea bags in hot water the next time you do a pedicure. Mint is the perfect scent for pedicures! Stew 3-4 tea bags for the perfect pedicure soak!
5. Avocado Green Machine

Avocados are naturally one of the best moisturizers. Pretend you’re mashing up some avocados for guacamole but instead of adding jalapenos, rub into your client’s feet or hands. Leave on for several minutes and rinse.

6. Vinegar Anyone?

Vinegar is an ideal pedicure ingredient. Add a splash to your pedicure soaks and other treatments since its acidity kills dead skin.
7. Sweet as Sugar

Scrubs are an essential for nail techs to have in their salon for manicures but especially pedicures. Sugar and brown sugar are perfect all natural substitutes for that! Mix it with olive oil, which is all natural too! Add a couple drops of essential oil. We recommend vanilla. Your client will feel like she’s chilling at a yummy bakery!

Another bright idea? Try making some of these homemade all natural, creams, lotions, exfoliants and scrubs made from all natural ingredients and sell to customers! An instant way to boost your sales!