How to Write the Best Blog

You’d be surprised by how easily a fashion blog, beauty blog or a nail blog can get you reads, hits, clients, and of course, money! If your nail salon already has a website, you are off to a great start! Now, focus on writing the best blog out there! Be ahead of your competition by following our tips to writing the best blog. You may be thinking, “There is no way I have time to write content every day between working, kids and having a life!” Well, we’ve got some blogging tips so you can take care of that too! Learn how to make money blogging and be the most tech savvy nail professional on the market!

What is a Blog?
Before you begin, you must learn what a blog is! So, what is a blog? For individual bloggers, it can be defined as a personal online journal or diary of daily thoughts, feelings, ventures or personal insights into news, politics and current events.

Business or corporate blogging is a little different. This is the type of blog your nail salon should focus on. Blogging is one of the best ways to engage with your clients and make their lives easier. It also helps out with SEO (search engine optimization). Plainly put, writing blogs will get you more of an audience, more people will find your blogs online and ergo, you get more clients.
What Should You Write About?

Answer questions. Your nail blog is your chance to answer client questions. Talk to clients and see what nail topic issues or questions they have, answer it through a blog post and encourage readers.

Show off your abilities. It’s your blog so show off what you can do! Upload pictures of nail art designs that you are proud of. Include short descriptions of the nail art and sell yourself to clients.

New products or services. Showcase any new products or services you offer. Especially if you are going to feature a special, limited time pedicure treatment, be sure to write a blog post about how luxurious it is! Give them a reason to read and make an appointment!

What’s going on in the industry? Keep you and your readers up-to-date on everything going on in the nail industry such as hot nail trends!

Celebrity influences. Your female clients love hearing about celebrities. Write blog posts about how some celebrities wore their nails to a party or award show.

Doesn’t always have to be about nails. You don’t always have to write about nails! Write about fashion, celebrity gossip or current events that you are interested in. You will gain an audience and definitely get discussions going.

What Can a Blog Do For You?
  • A recent survey done by HubSpot concluded that 60% of businesses who blog gain more customers.
  • Clients will trust you more. Clients like businesses that are interactive and engaging.
  • Increase your profits!
  • It’s fun, stimulating and makes you think.
  • Shows that you are an expert in your field.
  • The most economical way route to marketing.

How to Keep Up With a Blog

  • You don’t need to write a blog post every hour. Honestly, 1-2 posts a week is enough! We suggest posting 1-2 blogs that are in article form and throughout the week post small ones like pictures of nail art with short descriptions.
  • Write blog posts on your days off or offer your employees to write a couple.
  • If you are super busy, you could always pay a freelance writer per blog post.