4 Tricks for a Flawless Nail Tip Application

Nail tip application is a must-know to work in any nail salon, but there are some very common mistakes that those with years of experience can still make. Here are some must-knows that will up your nail artistry:

1. Use Less Glue

Use a very tiny bit on glue and let the product do the work for you. Remember, salon glues are designed for their staying power. When you use more, you run the risk of going over the cuticle. This causes irritation to the nail and lifting. So remember, less is more.

2. Blending the Tip

A trick that works great when blending is to applying acetone to the seam of the tip with a small brush. This will soften the tip for smooth and easy blending.

We recommend Artisan 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover for this technique. Paired with the Artisan French Manicure Nail Brush you can create masterful blending. Your customers will certainly love the results!

3. Applying Nail Glue on the Natural Nail or Nail Tip?

The answer is the natural nail and here’s why: When you apply glue to the nail tip, you are flipping the nail tip over. In this process, some glue may drop. Instead apply a tiny drop in the middle of the free edge of the natural nail. As you do this, the glue will spread naturally and create even adhesion.

Try this technique with the Artisan Nail Glue. This glue bonds nail tips instantly with a minimal tip-hold time. Also, it’s in a controlled-release tube to prevent spills or waste.

4. Nail Tip Sizing

When sizing nail tips, make sure to select the right tip size. If you are unsure, use a bigger-size nail tip, but not a smaller one. Smaller tips will put pressure and pinch the client’s natural nails after service. This can be very painful. If you are unsure between say a size #4 or #5 nail tip, go with the bigger size.